Starting a Business in Bournemouth – What to Know

Starting a business in Bournemouth is a surefire way to move through a midlife crisis that seems to take you though the same boring routine day in and out. Or perhaps you have just finished your degree and are looking to try something different instead of a traditional career path.

No matter the reason, this mini guide on starting business in Bournemouth will help you get a head start.

Business Support & Finance

There is a company in Bournemouth called Outset Finance. Funded by The European Regional Development Fund and JP Morgan in the spirit of good business they are able to help with financial support and training programs and workshops to help you learn the daily skills that are needed to become a local business owner. Free of charge!

You will also be able to access their support services and learn how to build a concrete business plan and how to get funding thought finding local investors.

Dorset Growth Hub

The Dorset Chamber of Trade and Commerce and WSX Enterprises have funded a platform called Dorset Growth Hub. They offer information on finance and employment matters. Provide you the means to network with other business owners. Keep you updated with local support schemes and have a list of local suppliers you can access at discounted rates.

If you participate in the hub you also have the opportunity to win grants if you business shows potential.

That covers it for the support that is available out there locally in Bournemouth. Some other things to consider are:

Trading Standards

When you are in business you need to comply with local laws and standards. Read more about this at on the official website.

Paying Business Rates

Every business has to pay their dues to the government. And it’s for a good cause. The money is used to fund local services in the community just like taxes on salaries do the same thing. Learn more here.

Get Licensed

Some businesses require special licenses to operate. For example you can’t just open a bar. You need to be approved for a liquor license. Does you business need a license? Find out now!

Get A Head Start

Do you think yon need to go out an acquire all your customers by traditional means? For the most part you will have to but there are other means to go about getting business. One that is often overlook is bidding on government tenders. Once your business is established and would be able to take a project from the Bournemouth council why not bid on that job?

You would be crazy not to! If you place the winning bid for a tender then you might have years of work ahead of you paid at great market rates. The local Bournemouth council trades electronically with it’s suppliers and contractors. You can read more about how this works here.

And that’s a wrap.

Hopefully you found this article informative and useful. Good luck with your new business venture!