Is Double Glazing Right for your Business?

A good question any business should ask is if they need double glazing for their business. In today’s article we are going to explore why double glazing is beneficial to any business.

Cost Savings

Double glazing is not cheap by any means. But if you own the building your business operates in or you have a say when it comes to renovations if you rent. Then you could generate substantial savings by ensuring all the glass doors and windows are double glazed.

According to the Glass and Glazing Federation an average A+ rated double glazed window saved around £100 annually. The average store front business has the equivalent of about 50 windows. That can be a saving of up to £5,000 annually.

Now installation is not cheap! You might expect to pay £400 per window and that would be £20,000 all up. But after 4 years you will be potentially adding and extra £5,000 to you bottom line in your business. For a small local business that is a huge number. If this is combined with a few other options that can be implemented to save money that number could climb to over £10,000 annually.

Over the next 30 years in business that is a staggering number and makes the upfront cost of double glazed windows well worth it. A great company to talk to about double glazing installations in Bournemouth is Abacus Glazing – double glazing window and glass installations.

Security Benefits

Double glazed windows come with an added security benefit.

The average thief that has tried and failed to break double glazed windows will be deterred form trying to break into you business premises.  The reason for this is that double glazed glass is thick as bricks! It’s so strong it will stop the average burglar trying to break in. It’s not strong enough to stop a bullet but that is unrealistic. As the point of a break-in is to remain quite. To in and out silently and fast.

The down side is that once double glazed glass is broken it can’t be repaired. So it’s a two way street. If your business is in a high risk crime area then you need to make sure you have proper business insurance that will cover and window replacements with a low or no excess.

Sound Reduction

Another benefit of double glazed glass is how quiet it can make a place of work.

Have you ever tried to get work done when you need peace and quiet. You get very distracted, right? Well say hello to peace and quiet. One reason a lot of businesses choose to install double glazed glass is that it increased the productivity of their staff as a double glazed window lets through is just a fraction of the noise that can be heard outside.

This alone can be worth millions of dollar to a business. For example imagine a business is location on airport property. Can you imagine how distracting the noise of consistent planes taking off will be?

That wraps up this short article for today. I hope this has helped you make your choice on if double glazing is right for your business.