Is your Business Security up to Par?

How safe and secure is your business? Do you have your security up to par?

In this short article we will explore some options any business can implement to make sure they are safe, secure and burgle proof when they close their doors are night. As at the end of the day it will cost you money to secure your business but did you know that when businesses have down time there is a chance that they can go bust?

If you are not able to supply your vendor or provide the services you are contracted to provide. It won’t take long until your customers will go else where and while that happens you will also have bills coming in.

Install an Alarm System

If you don’t have an alarm system installed make sure you get one and more importantly make sure it actually works!

There are different grades of alarm systems from the basics that will only sound an alarm and require someone to come turn it off. All the way to silent alarms that will trigger the police or a security firm to drive by to investigate.

Expect to invest at least £500 into you alarm system. This is a base cost. If you have a large facility you can spend thousands. On a monthly level a small business should also expect to spend about £50 for monitoring all the way up to about £299 for a fully monitored live feed service that will have a security firm called out or the police.

Get Locks Updated

If you have old and cheap locks then your business is very prone to break-in. While it might not seem like it to the average person, a burglar who knows their craft will see you old locks that can be picked or smashed off a mile away.

Other things to keep in mind are the door frames. How old are they? Could the door be ripped off and the lock pretty much be useless?

How about the keys that have been made. Have you been keeping track of this? Hoe many rouge keys are out there and that could be used by a malicious ex-employee to do harm?

These are all thing that need to be considered. If you are going to be updating your locks on your business premises then a good route to go for the outside doors is to make sure that you deal with a company who can deal with installing uPVC locks and door. This is the best option as a locksmith who just deals with standard locks might not be able to secure your business to the level you should be at such as Abacus Locksmiths – uPVC locks, security services, locksmith services.

Once the new locks are installed then you should keep a record of what keys have bee provided to what staff. And ensure you get back any keys when staff leave. This way you are future proofing yourself.

Guard Dogs can Help

If you business has the option to allow guard dogs then it can be a very good option. For example a warehouse with an outdoor area that dogs could roam freely at night. Or any premises that has large open spaces that are hard to monitor.

The best guard dog breeds are Boxers and the German Shepard by far. For example Maltaward is a big firm in the UK that provides security services and their guard dogs for hire and German Shepards. And that being said you don’t need to take in a new animal that lives at your business. It’s best to hire a security firm that deals with guard dogs as you will not have to train them then.